Mace celebrates Pride Month with sculpture at London HQ

Pride Month - A digital model of a colourful scultpture and a human model.
The installation will be located at Mace’s HQ lobby until the end of Pride Month (Image: Mace)

Mace is marking Pride Month with a new installation at its London headquarters.

The sculpture is made up of more than 40 bespoke wooden panels ‘slotted’ together into a bench. Mace says it was created using sustainable materials, some of which were reclaimed from the construction company’s sites.

The elements of the sculpture were cut and painted on several sites by different trades before being assembled.

Mace says the installation has been designed “to encourage organic conversations” by creating “a striking talking point that creates unity among colleagues, friends and strangers and inspires everyone to be free and open with no barriers to personal preferences”.

Pride Month - A group of people seating on a colourful installation.
An employee network group at Mace is tasked with championing LGBTQ+ rights (Image: Mace)

Ian McIver, co-chair of the Pride at Mace employee network group, said: “We know there are untold benefits to having a truly diverse workplace, from increased innovation to the wisdom of different viewpoints. We are delighted to be supporting Pride Month in this unique way.

“The legacy of what we have created together will live on at Mace long after Pride Month has ended, as it will be moved to our cafe to continue this important conversation among our colleagues as we, as a sector, continue to become more inclusive.”

Championing LGBTQ+ rights at work

Some 60% of construction LGBTQ+ employees have experienced homophobic and derogatory terms at work, according to CIOB.

The LGBTQ+ community celebrates Pride Month in the UK every June. Events taking place throughout the month aim to raise awareness and discuss LGBTQ+ topics.

The Pride at Mace employee network group is tasked with championing the LGTBQ+ agenda and is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all employees in the company.

The Our Pride Unity installation will be located in the lobby of Mace’s office on Moorgate until the end of June. It will then be moved to the in-house cafe for use by Mace employees.

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