Lukewarm response to HSE’s CDM-C rethink

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  1. I tend to disagree with Mr Curtis. I am both a Project Manager and a CDM-Co. As a Project Manager you have enough going on at the start of a project, the CDM-Co takes this H&S headache away and allows the project manger to form his team. The CDM-Co if operating correctly adds value to the project team at the start of a project, during and at the end, with client instructions/comments, contractors concerns/comments, designer concerns/comments and the Construction Phase Plan. Once the CDM-Co is nominated any ambiguity is removed from the project of: who does what, and has it been done?

  2. Is a CDM-C a more effective duty holder and does their role remove ambiguity on responsibility?? My own view is ‘not necessarily’. Implementation of CDM processes should be managed by those parties fully responsible for the project. When designers and PMs see the value of adopting this approach first hand then their efforts will be more effective. Adding a layer of ‘specialist duty holder’ has in some case been detrimental.

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