Lifting safety system designs out risks

Lifting safety system

A new safety system for lifting materials by tower cranes has been developed by BAM and Related Argent.

The system has been trialled at the King’s Cross S3 project in central London. It uses remote-controlled LED lights and an exclusion zone audio alarm. These are fitted to a lifting cage and linked to ground-level exclusion zone alarms.

This warns ground-level operatives of loads above and at ground level. Traditionally a slinger signaller operating the system would use a whistle to warn people.

A remote key fob operates the LED lights, loudspeaker and ground-based alarm. It can activate the alarm from up to 70m. The unit can also be activated by a ground base unit from up to 260m.

BAM developed the system in answer to Related Argent’s 2022 Innovation Challenge, which it won.

Related Argent is funding a further four months of research and development, trialling different lights, alarms, fobs and electrical systems.

Vital part of construction

BAM senior health and safety adviser Steve McInnes said: “Managing lifting and exclusion zones are a vital part of construction activities and making sure people are not under loads whilst they are being lifted is a challenge.

“This innovation provides an audio and visual warning of the load proximity in a way that has never been achieved previously.”

Safety innovation for lifting trialled at King’s Cross

An improved lifting cage was also trialled at King’s Cross. BAM is also working on systems for managing safety in loading bays.

Al Beevers, head of health and safety at Related Argent, said: “We believe all contractors should now be pushing the boundaries of available technologies and focusing on engineering out longstanding hazards.

“We’re looking forward to receiving entries to our 2023 Innovation Challenge and seeing more industry-changing results like this.”

The original exclusion zone alarm system was developed by BAM with Bull Products and won the Construction Health and Safety Group (CHSG) Beaumont safety trophy. BAM has now integrated it into the lifting cage.

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