Kier expands women’s health app support

Kier employs 2,500 women who can now benefit from the new app module

Kier has expanded the health support app it offers employees to include a dedicated module for women’s health.

The firm made the Peppy health app available to its workforce in the summer. This included modules on health for men, fertility, baby, and menopause.

While some of these areas have been traditionally seen as women’s health there was no dedicated module for female employees, which has now been added.

Peppy provides personalised support by giving users unlimited access to experienced practitioners over live chat, live events and live virtual consultations.

The Peppy Women’s Health module includes diagnosis and treatment of conditions like fibroids, endometriosis, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS); and gynaecological health. Also covered are: body image; miscarriage and baby loss; depression, anxiety and stress; contraception; nutrition and exercise; and optimising sleep.

The module provides holistic physical and mental health support and includes access to health courses, and educational events.

Invaluable help

Kier employs 2,500 women who can now benefit. Kier Highways head of communications Natalie Geraghty used the app for specific treatment. She said: “Having suffered with endometriosis symptoms since my early teens, I was finally diagnosed with the condition last year via laparoscopy.

Natalie Geraghty used the Peppy app for specific treatment

“How this has affected my fertility is a big concern to me, especially as I don’t yet have children of my own and I am 37.

“The introduction of the Peppy app has been invaluable to me. I have been able to speak to a fertility and women’s health practitioner instantly via the private chat function.

“I was able to discuss my experience and concerns on the chat when convenient to me and then follow up with an appointment if I felt it was necessary.

“Having an employer that recognises the need to support its employees like this is fantastic.”

Kier group rewards director Caroline Forsyth said the app was “hugely successful” and they added the additional module as soon as it became available.

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