‘Construction needs immigrants’ – industry reacts to Brexit

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  1. Great article. Perhaps it’s now time for the government to seriously look at investing in real apprenticeships for young people, as a country we should have been investing in training rather than relying on importing labour and skills and use the resources we have in the UK. Tough times ahead.

  2. I agree with the previous comment! As soon as the UK construction industry woke up to the fact that it could “import” supposedly cheaper pre-trained people without the need to invest in apprentices they grab it with both hands. This left a generation of young people without the possibility of joining the industry thus reducing their life chances! Start training fast and stop whining.

  3. 100% in agreement with the comments above. However, we as an industry must shoulder some of the blame for our abject failure to ensure that we had a healthy training regime in place. We are all now only too aware of how out of touch our glorious leaders have been over the last 3-4 decades.

  4. The UK construction industry does not need ‘immigrants’ as alleged by Chris Blythe. It may need EU or other foreign expats on temporary contracts, but it does not need, nor is it desirable to encourage, those workers to settle permanently in the UK as ‘immigrants’. I and many other UK professionals have worked for a number of years in middle eastern countries without ever becoming or being allowed to become an ‘immigrant’ (permanent resident) of those countries.

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