Meet Morgan Sindall’s Tomorrow’s Leader

The trainee site manager for Construction East Anglia Morgan Sindall, and CIOB Tomorrow’s Leader, talks to CM about his early involvement in the industry.

Why did you choose a career in construction? What else might you have done?

Construction had always been an interest of mine at a young age before I even thought of it as a potential career. I was interested in large-scale developments, complex high-rise structures, historic buildings and the methods that took a building from the ground to a finished product that people can use.

Joshua Nelson Morgan Sindall
Joshua Nelson: “I have ambitions to get my chartership as soon as I can”

I had work experience and never really looked back. However, if not for construction, then I would always choose something active such as personal training or another form of sports science, as variety in my role and being active is very important to me.

What are you loving about the work so far?

Currently I am really loving the onsite progression at work. The current project I am working on is progressing at pace and the visual aspect of progression – seeing the distinct steps and finished article come together – is the reason I first started to get interested in construction.

Not to mention, as I work through my apprenticeship, gradually being given more responsibility and people to manage helps vary my role and helps my own personal progression in my career.

What made you want to become a Tomorrow’s Leader?

I chose to become a Tomorrow’s Leader to hopefully encourage many young people in the local community to see the industry how I always have and encourage them to start their own journey. With the industry providing so many varied and rewarding careers it would be great to bring new people into the industry that would have never been attracted to it otherwise.

What are your career ambitions?

My career ambitions right now are to continue to work hard in my apprenticeship and add value to my site team in any way I can and get my degree also.

I have ambitions to get my chartership as soon as I can and work on my competency, allowing me to progress higher within Morgan Sindall until I can successfully manage my own team of professionals.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to keep active. I’m either in the gym or playing rugby. I currently play for West Norfolk men’s rugby team and, although new to the sport, I am finding it’s something I enjoy a lot, the social side just as much as the game itself.

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