HSE urged to reconsider Fees for Intervention in DWP-backed review

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  1. I believe from talking to contractors large and small, that FFI has set back all the HSE last 10 years pro active “Working Well Together” Work and trust has being lost in HSE. Contractors & professionals are not now consulting HSE so much, due to their FFI attitude stance change, which is counter productive at the coal face in my professional opinion. Also their current views on CDM amendments also seems to be a “sell out” on the industry in my opinion and will loose their “best friends” CDMC’s if instigated, removing years of hard work and designers have enough on their plates as it is.

  2. The setup of FFI has only weakened the authoritative image of the HSE and made it a cash cow. This recent report is welcoming but will heed be taken?

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