How can construction kick its plastics habit?

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  1. Last week i watched roofers pull plastic film off uPVC and let it go from the scaffolding. Because it was windy this film blew off down the street, which did not bother them.
    Why does the industry create this waste which is of little benefit and then lasts a hundred years, at best in landfill, at worst in a hedge or the sea? Manufacturers need to thinks realistically about how materials, temporary and permanent, are disposed of and not some perfect flow chart that seldom happens.

  2. Interesting article but I’m surprised at the comment from BAM “We are seeing a general increase in plastic packaging, partly because more products are being manufactured offsite.”
    Surely offsite manufacture implies more control over every stage of the process. The use of Tyvek-type materials for protection during the movement of offsite manufactured goods to site would result in less thin-film product being used.

    As for the volumes of cardboard, polystyrene, plastics and the likes used for temporary protection of materials on site, packaging requiring re-usable materials could be designed and used for materials stored in factory conditions. Lessons could certainly be learned from the much-vaunted automobile industry in this respect.

    Anyway, whatever happened to ‘Partnering’ (remember that)? One of the aims of that concept was to reduce WASTE in all of its forms – including packaging – and that was mooted over 20 years ago.

  3. “Anything biodegradable can go into an anaerobic digester, rather than an incinerator”… Biodegradable plastics will not make it into the AD process. AD can not identify what is and isn’t biodegradable, and thus pulls all plastics out at the start of the process, which are subsequently sent for incineration…..

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