How BIM level 2 is changing tier 1 constructors

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  1. In the early days of BIM; about 15 years ago there was no additional cost added onto the contract. Admittedly those projects were not fully Level 2, it was only after legislation that there was a cost to the client.
    I worked on a project that contractually was set at level one but later on, the main contractor forced the subcontractors to adopt level 2 without compensation. there was little appreciation for the fact that level 2 was achievable without the heavy-handed approach. To get the best from BIM everyone must be working TOGETHER as a team and HELP each other to achieve the best result for a project.
    BIM procedural documentation is also a cause for concern, in some cases running into reams of meaningless pages, often looking like something cobbled together from internet downloads.
    Project Planning schedules need to be consistent in format; particularly in partnership projects; so the information can be shared and cross-referenced to gain a clearer perspective.

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