Heathrow reveals potential offsite hubs

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  1. I know that the Committee must have considered the impact on the local infrastructure of this proposed development – the M25 has 7 lanes of heavy traffic around the Heathrow Airport junction. The M25 will need to divert because of the new runway…Plus all these extra articulated lorries from other counties coming in to service the contract. I live under the flightpath (through choice) and I have to leave the area every day for work, I know how congested it already is. Why wasn’t Gatwick, with is roads and rail links, selected for an extra runway – perhaps open fields for hundreds of acres were more important than destroying a small village and its community??? I will move from the Heathrow area when this work starts, again through choice, not CPO. Good luck Sipson Village

  2. I wonder where the expertise is going to be found to firstly, review the sites and the companies to understand their suitability for carrying out offsite manufacture, and then secondly to manage the processes needed for offsite manufacture.
    This type of work is very different to onsite construction and has only been carried out by a small number of organisations in the UK to date. Heathrow in the guise of BAA have carried out offsite work before but not on this sort of scale and few of those who were involved at the time still work at Heathrow.

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