Has offsite’s time finally arrived?

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  1. The heading caught my attention, and I decided to read through. This is the next direction for the building industry. I’m a registered Nigerian Architect with reasonable length of practice. I have just started a PhD programme in Building at the University of Newcastle, Australia. My research topic is the “Supply Chain for Prefabricated Construction” in Nigeria. It is specifically aimed to address the housing deficit, which has been a major problem in Nigeria. I will be very happy to be identified with this project.

  2. My only concern with offsite is the use of semi-skilled workers – will this lead to a lack of skilled workers for the maintenance sector as surely the number of tradesmen/woman will fall and with maintenance accounting for a min of 50% of the market will it be a major loss?

  3. “Demand aggregation” is all very well but the key to competitiveness in this market is to standardise.
    As the bulk of new housing is to fit a specific sector, there should be ONE design competition to fulfill the needs of that sector. OK, people will complain of ‘little boxes made of ticky tacky’ but the time has come (indeed it came a long time ago) to put such meaningless idealism where it belongs.
    This country needs a solution to the housing problem. Designs should be functional and environmentally friendly. They do not need to be ‘individual’ – if there is a perceived need for this, look at “mass customisation”. It works elsewhere and it should be made to work here.

    The time has come to put aside the ‘cutting edge’ of design and to provide a solution.

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