Hackitt: Government delay has led to ‘loss of momentum’

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  1. I feel that Judith Hackitt has been steered by the Local government (LABC) without enough input from Approved Inspectors. The idea should be to work through this together and not to punish AI’s for the demise of LABC. The LABC do not have the resources to deliver what is required, this will ultimately result in major delays within the construction industry.
    I appreciate that we must move forward to prevent a mayor incident from happening again but we must do this together (incidentally I work for an AI). I don’t feel that Judith has been advised as well as she could have been, I presume she would have had no previous understanding of the building regulations LABC and AI’s which is probably why advice given has been one sided. Let us not forget that it was LABC who dealt with the cladding application for Grenfell. But to assume that AI’s do a lesser of a job than LABC is one for debate, the majority of the AI’s came from LABC . That said, the culture in the construction industry is one of cost rather than life safety, we must work together to change the culture.
    Many thanks for reading, just my opinion.

  2. As now retired, with past offices in LABC, LDSA, Fire Engineering Research Network and other related positions, I have followed at distance the progression of this matter and would comment that LABC, ACAI, Chartered Association of Building Engineers and other professionals known and worked with in my past career have contributed a balanced view of the industry. Therefore, I am of no doubt that they have given their evidence based on their professional experience, so I cannot agree with Tanweer (31st Jan 2019. Whether AI or LABC building control professionals, currently, they are subject to varied rules, building control by statutory notice or building control by private contract and multifarious forms of financing, either public or private. Building Control is based on performance standards, not prescription, therefore can be enforced by differing approaches. May we trust that Central Government ascribes the resources to prevent any re occurrence.

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