Grenfell: 82 tower blocks fail new fire safety test

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  1. Understandably those living in buildings similar to the Grenfell Tower building are rightfully extremely concerned for their and their families safety.
    I would suggest the following self check list may go some way to ease the worry.
    Check your building has a dedicated fire protected route from the highest location to ground level and is clearly signed as a route to exit in case of fire.
    If your building has only one access into the building normally the main entrance then this is not a dedicated exit route in case of fire.
    Does your building have regular unannounced fire alarm and drill excises, and have the dedicated fire marshals to conduct the necessary head count.
    Should the above points be in place then perhaps your fears associated with the Grenfell Tower building will be somewhat minimised.
    However whether or not a fire is caused by rain screen cladding, gas explosion, electrical faults or heaven forbid terrorist attack make sure you have that second means of escape available at all times.

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