£22m to plug construction skills gap

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  1. This all well and good, however, I’ve recently completed my degree in construction management, that I funded myself and over the past 14 months I’ve been looking for a position back in the construction side of the industry, but, to date I’ve not been able to secure one because, and I quote, “I will never be short listed for a position because I don’t have my SMSTS/first aid”, and that came from a recruiting agency, so really I don’t think that this will make the slightest difference as most will use it to train up there current staff and not even try to encourage new or those who have left the industry to come back.

  2. i,ve been looking and would dearly love to train or retrain ! was great to see a mature guy had been given chance in his 50,s bricklaying! so perhaps??
    norfolk could really do with a boost !!!!!
    not move citb ???
    but coastal areas need input and p[lacements pwerhaps encourage NOVA to offer job to adults skills etc

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