Government mulls ‘beauty fast track’ for quality homes

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  1. We seem to have contradictions with planning departments. We all hear about the High streets in towns and cities dying and the amount of units to let proves this. But we also see all the new planning approvals for out of town facilities. In Glasgow they have approved a development in the west end with cinema shopping and of course we have the now compulsory student accommodation beside it. Surely building such facilities will only encourage people to stay away from the city center. I’m pretty sure this will be a common factor across the UK.
    As for the statement “ Where individuals and developers have put in the time to create proposals for well-designed buildings, which use high-quality materials and take account of their local setting“ well I’m sorry should this not alway be the case..
    as for trees let’s just hope they think about the roots there is nothing like tripping over a cracked pavement caused by roots.

  2. It is encouraging that the aspiration is to see zero carbon homes built as the norm within 5 years and that is as a it should be, if we are serious about the climate emergency, but the sentiment is in stark contrast to the proposed revisions to Part L which advocate a reduction in the fabric efficiency of homes.

    Is this another example of the government rhetoric being diametrically opposed to the proposed course of action, usually driven by corporate pressure.

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