Government wants MMC ‘silicon valley’ in the north

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    Predicted in 2014.

    I work on behalf of a household name retirement developer and have done for some years. I was one of the first university employed construction based staff members and can recall the negativity / guarded concern around employing youth of the new generation and feel there are similarities in the way technology is viewed. I look forward to the future and what technology brings as I am a believer in a technological equilibrium. ‘Work smarter not harder’. I can already start to see positive change as the company I work for has just recently undertaken some work and invested in a couple of new large software systems. Both of which have been publicised in UK industry journals and I believe one was covered recently by construction Manager publication in a mini presentation. I look forward to seeing the northern Silicon valley and the benefits it can deliver to the south. I only hope it will bring the Californian weather ;)

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