Government plans 100,000 offsite homes

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  1. House builders financial model where later phases are funded by earlier sales income doesn’t support investment needed for pre-fabrication. That is why MMC didn’t take off last time – still a cottage industry helped out by Housing Association rent programmes. Now everyone is doing Sales the same problems will arise.

  2. We need to avoid being confused by small-homes and off-site manufacturing.

    I have blogged about this:

    We must be clear about what problem we are trying to solve.

  3. Why does it take a govt white paper to encourage banks to lend to offsite home builders? Not prefabricated but ‘factory engineered’ – exactly like motor cars, computers and televisions for example, in controlled conditions, out of the weather. So what makes it so difficult accepting the same principle for the most expensive purchase most people will ever make?!

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