Gove asks competition watchdog to scrutinise housebuilding

Gove housebuilding - A house under construction (Image: Dreamstime)
Image: Dreamstime/Paul Maguire

Housing secretary Michael Gove has written to competition watchdog the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to undertake a study of the housebuilding market.

In a letter to Sara Cardell, the interim chief executive of the CMA, Gove said he wanted “a housebuilding sector that operates effectively to deliver homes that people need”.

He pointed out that the last housebuilding market study took place 14 years ago, before changes to the structure of the market following the financial crisis, changing demographic trends, and the arrival of net-zero targets.

Gove said he felt the study would be “timely” and that the government would welcome its recommendations.

He added: “We appreciate that you are an independent organisation. Nevertheless, my view is that this study is an important priority for the public.”

The CMA will respond to the request by January 2023.

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