Fit for the future or pandering to the past?

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  1. The standard contracts in themselves are not the problem!

    Quote from your article: “(butchering, according to one of my subcontractor clients) in the form of lengthy schedules of amendments.”

    If the people drawing up the ‘standard’ contract kept the amendments to a minimum; AND if the clients & contractors each accepted their own risks; then 90% of the contractual problems would actually disappear!

    Maybe something for you to expand on in another article…

  2. Andy
    Unfortunately the evidence shows otherwise. Both the NBS and Arcadis surveys shows that it is not often the terms of the contracts (standard or butchered) that cause disputes but human behaviour such as failing to administer the contract fairly, not using the procedures to apply for and grant extensions or value variations, or incomplete information at the start. None of those would be avoided by simply using the standard contracts.
    A future article will look at contract administration.

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