EU BIM Task Group plans ‘convergence’ programme

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Last week the EU BIM-task force was gathering in Brussels. Will the outcomes or progress be published somewhere?

    At 21th of May we organize a Big BIM event in Antwerp and in October a BIM event in Holland (BIMopen 2015)

    Perhaps there’s an interest from one of your members to speak at these conferences and tell something about the BIM taskforce or its outcomes.

    As you noticed Belgium wasn’t delegated at your meeting. Perhaps we can create some kind of synergie.

    I’ll be glad to hear from you.

    Kind regards

  2. We must ensure that the efforts of the BIM Task Groups don’t just concentrate on the easy wins such as getting BIM to be adopted by main contractors and consultants. BIM must engage the entire project team and supply chain so that sub-contractors and their supply chain partners can help deliver the benefits and efficiencies that can be gained through BIM processes. BIM models produced during the project must not just replicate the kinds of models produced by the consultants and must allow for fabrication and ordering information to be derived directly from the model. This information also needs to be freely exchanged between project stakeholders so that models can be coordinated and works sequenced between subcontractors under the direction of the main contractor.

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