Esh Construction to restore historic Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge in Yorshire
Stamford Bridge is an 80m long Grade II-listed bridge built in 1727 (Image: Esh Construction)

Esh Construction is to start £350,000 of repair and restoration works on the 300-year-old Stamford Bridge in mid-May.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council appointed the northern contractor to repair the single-lane, 18th-century bridge on the A166 near York after years of vehicle collisions damaged its parapets.

Old and damaged stone will be replaced to bring the bridge back into good condition. Additional bollards will be installed to add extra protection.

Michael Sherrard, construction manager at Esh Construction, said: “As Stamford Bridge is a single-lane bridge, we’ll need to add scaffolding on the road to access the works, which makes a closure essential.

A damaged Stamford Bridge, which Esh Construction will start repairing in May 2024
The bridge has been damaged over the years by car collisions (Image: Esh Construction)

“This is a historic bridge in the area and we will be using lime mortar to keep the style and original look of the bridge, with the materials being sourced from the same place. We want to get the bridge back into a condition where it lasts another 300 years.

“We understand that the road closure will impact local residents and people travelling to the coast during the repairs and our teams have committed to working longer days and at weekends to finalise the work as soon as possible.”

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