Entries roll in for £10m innovation fund

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  1. The U.S. also has had it’s head in the sand when it comes to innovation in the construction industry. It has been stick-building for over 100 years–and remains too-satisfied with it to look forward. I am a builder with two U.S. patents in the energy efficient sector, but when invited to Haiti after the earthquake to build safe structures, I recommended building with SSIPs (Steel Structural Insulated Panels). Some call them IMP’s (Insulated Metal Panels). If I had the money $997,000 I would set up a complete factory to make the EPS, the core material in the panels, and have a Sandwich Panel Line to make the panels. This is the smartest way to build for the future–and the greenest. If the reader has time to pause to view this system on Youtube Insul living, Bondor he will see how beautiful it is and how easy to execute.

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