Video | Timelapse shows Elephant and Castle transformation

A timelapse shows the progress of ongoing construction works at the old site of the Elephant and Castle shopping centre.

The Elephant and Castle is one of central London’s largest regeneration projects, led by Delancey.

It includes two main developments: the construction of 1,000 new apartments – a mix of affordable, social rent and market value housing – and a new ‘town centre’ with shops and restaurants in place of the old shopping centre, which was demolished in 2020 by Keltbray.

There are also plans to upgrade the tube station and build a new campus for the UAL’s London College of Communication.

The video was shared by engineering consultancy Hoare Lea which is also working on the scheme.

An earlier version of this story said that the Elephant & Castle regeneration is being led by Lendlease. Whereas Lendlease is behind the regeneration of Elephant Park, the Elephant & Castle Town Centre is being developed by Delancey.

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  1. The bronze Elephant and Castle sculpture which stood on the Elephant pub/hotel for many years and when the shopping centre was opened was housed within. The sculpture was painted some years ago and stood outside the shopping centre. It has now been repainted and stands high up in Castle Square. I made enquiries as to why this historical figure has to be painted and was told that there was a consultation which preferred a painted sculpture. I have since been told that the original sculpture was melted down and is now replaced by a plastic/fibre glass copy. Is any of this true and surely if the sculpture is the original it should be bronze and in a prominent position? Along with the Tabernacle this is one of the last remnants of the historic Elephant and Castle.

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