Eight construction firms removed or suspended from payment code

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  1. Firms that can pay on time will and be thought more of. Firms that pay late are in difficulties although they will not admit it until it is too late.

  2. Trash like this lot send too many ti the wall

  3. Working years ago, the phone rang, and the QS I sat next to had a phone call from a worried subcontractor, who was being asked to sign that he had been paid when he hadn’t, so a main contractor could then be paid and he could then pass that on to the subcontractor.

    The QS advice was to the point, I can’t advise you what to do.

    The subcontractor signed, the contractor got his money, then promptly went bust. The subcontractor then complained he’d not been paid….

    You can have any measure of schemes, but it relies on people not being corrupt and manipulative, in a position to strong arm those in a weaker position into complying, with no consequences.

    Unless there are criminal penalties for individuals, and not just firms, while a nice idea, only the already honest with comply with it, the ‘trash’ will carry on as usual.

  4. Surely were bound by codes of ethics, we are all responsible by our own actions and duty bound to treat others with the dignity and respect. By not carrying out our duties to others short term will destroy all types of relationships and business long term.
    Payment practices need to change

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