Is education helping to deliver a digital built Britain?

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  1. As many people on this panel know, I’ve been working on this subject for a decade with ZERO SUPPORT from government and comparatively little support from industry, professional bodies and academia. DEC is still regarding as CSR, not taken seriously at a talent pipeline programme, and it’s taken Lord Redesdale, Patron of the Rumford Club, to champion in the House of Lords to get it noticed.

    It’s demoralising and disappointing to see the thousands of pounds spent on projects and programmes that have little impact on actual learning, but the enthusiasm and excitement from our teachers and students alike makes continuing all the more worthwhile, despite having to operate in a beg and borrow fashion.

    I look forward to meeting with BIM Academic Forum colleagues and CDBB on Monday 5th November when at last, DEC might be given a little more respect and schools given a little more support. We’re in this together.

    Thank you to those cited in the article who have been so supportive thus far.

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