Offsite: Does it deliver on its quality promises?

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  1. Offsite will work for some situations but is unsuitable for others. Its adoption as a preferred option is good news for crane operators (and builders) but not good for the few tradespeople who haven’t already emigrated. Who wants to work in a factory doing the same job every day? No tradespeople I know. Training more people would be cheaper and more effective way of ensuring quality in construction.

  2. The Shopfitting Contractor goes into the roofed shell with all the pre-constructed components, and the skilled installers and Hey Presto 10 days later there is a quality product ready for stocking and using !!! why not use a two process system
    A) the prefab shell and services (building contractor led)
    B) the complete fit out ( shopfitter style contractor led)

    Prefabricated structures need a lot of care in getting them perfectly square,level and plumb for everything else to integrate correctly and be defect free.

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