Designing your website for the mobile generation

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  1. This is a good article Danny and you offer some very good advice and tips.

    I have also been asked more and more about making websites responsive. But I have tended to advise clients to sort out and invest in solving the desktop related issues first (such as conversion optimisation or usability) before spending a lot of money on retrofitting an existing site into a responsive design. Not easy.

    No point investing money in turning a poor site into a mobile site too.

    Designing for mobiles isn’t easy. Designing for touch screen isn’t easy either. You only have to go to the Building Centre in London and view the touch screens displaying product manufacturers websites on them – so hard to use with a finger!!

    I thought I’d also share some things worth considering which I have found over the years doing analytics audits:

    1) Most people visit a construction website on a mobile to find contact details. (View the top landing pages after segmenting mobile traffic in Google Analytics). So think about what content is it that people want on a mobile? Might be more cost effective to create a mobile site with very top level info. Stannah Stairlifts are a good example.

    2) Most mobile visits only ever view very top level product info on a page (i.e. they don’t download PDF’s – quite large, think about mobile data consumption). So why spend money on mobile optimising your least viewed pages like your ‘Environmental’ section which nobody views on any device.

    3) Tool usage is very low (i.e. calculators and spec software). Better off creating a native app for usability purposes.

    4) Think about content aimed at sharing on social media. Most people access social media apps on a mobile and share content via mobile. Is your content viewable/shareable on a mobile device?


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