Survey slams HSE’s year-old fees scheme

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  1. No doubt there will be an extension of the unwarranted practice of bonus that has crept into the Public Sector for merely carrying out the job that is paid for and there will bonus related to he who collects the most fees!!

  2. As a small company employing 3 men and 1 admin staff and myself when I had a visit in November 2012 from the HSE inspector it was decided by that person that we had 2 material breaches. So from that point every couple of months I have been invoiced for fees for intervention I have just received another today February 2014 up to now amounting to £14k before deciding whether to
    prosecute and it is still ongoing, no doubt a prosecution will follow and a fine, ( since when has extortion been legal and how would bankrupting small businesses promote health & safety in the workplace ). How hard would it be for anybody to find fault anywhere if you are basically funding your own salary at the expense of other peoples’ jobs.

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