Asda temporary store constructed in two weeks

A temporary supermarket structure with Asda branding.
The 30 x 60m temporary Asda store is now fully operational (Image: Accio)

A Norfolk-based construction company has built a temporary store for Asda in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, after the supermarket had to close its permanent shop following severe flooding damage in November 2023.

Accio Consult & Construct built temporary premises, made of shell and core, including HVAC, in two weeks. The 30 x 60m demountable building is now operational.

The structure has an air-inflated thermo roof, 100mm secure composite walls, and a fully load-rated suspended floor at 10kN/m² across 1,300 sq m.

Inside of a big temporary structure with packed building materials.
(Image: Accio)

Accio also supplied all heating and cooling requirements to make the store a fully functioning and LED-lit supermarket.

The contractor said the structure has a lifespan of more than 25 years.

Stephen Casey, Accio’s chief executive, said: “There were some technical challenges to surmount on this project – not least the 700mm clearance required for the specially adapted suspended floor over a heavily undulating car park, which was completed in two days. We are very proud of our product and our team.”

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  1. Waitrose in West Ealing, West London could and should follow suit .

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