When BIM stands for Building Infiltration Models

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  1. As tempting as it is to have all aspects of one’s life on the internet, I think we really need to ask Why? Do we really have to? I used to be an IT consultant and my clients would want the latest and greatest things and I would ask them “What does you (your business) really need?”. Why get the latest most powerful computer when you just use type letters and do the odd spreadsheet? And what happens when someone else gets hold of your online life?

    We are willingly jumping on to band wagons that have consequences so I think this article is very timely especially in the wake of increasingly ambitious and high profile hacks i.e. security breaches. The industry should take a step back and reassess what it actually needs per project instead of just writing yet more IT requirements against cyber attack. Perhaps a practical mixture of physical processes interwoven with BIM/IT solutions with clear points of separation. Yes let the Gaoler jangle the keys whilst the BMS keeps him cool.

    I do love the idea of BIM and not archaic paper-based site documents BUT, with BIM, we do seem to be handing it all over on one big plate.

    The world of Matrix & Terminator is upon us.

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