CMYA winner backs built environment GCSE

Marc Burton FCIOB, a past winner of CMYA, is urging CIOB chartered building companies (CBCs) and members to support the promotion of the built environment as a GCSE subject.

The House of Lords built environment committee recently backed calls for the built environment to become a GCSE subject – something that Burton, as chief executive of Channel Island operations with Garenne, was instrumental in creating in Jersey.

He worked with the Jersey Construction Council (JeCC) for 10 years to get construction on the curriculum, as well as with the Class of Your Own initiative Design Engineer Construct! (DEC).

Past CMYA winner Marc Burton

In 2017, Garenne and Sir Robert McAlpine introduced DEC to one of the secondary schools on the island. It is now recognised as both a GCSE and A-level equivalent and is now in its fourth year on the full-time curriculum in several schools and a further education college.

DEC is the first-ever vocational course to get on the Government of Jersey (GoJ) curriculum, with Levels 1 and 2 recognised as equivalent to a GCSE and Level 3, equivalent to an A-Level with full UCAS points.

There are over 400 students studying DEC across five of the nine secondary schools in Jersey plus the island’s FE college.

Burton, who is chair of the CIOB Jersey Hub and managing director of a CBC and CIOB training partner, is keen to encourage other CIOB members and CBCs to support the DEC initiative.

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  1. Great progress getting the audience while they are young , more needs to be done to get education to integrate departments eg get the C&BE DEP WORKING WITH COMPUTING & TECH dep, bring more innovation and encourage team work after all the CI is all about 1 BIG TEAM

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