Cladding replacement – who pays?

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  1. Surely the materials to be used would have been set out within the contractors proposals and all necessary technical sheets should have been checked and approved before being fitted.

  2. Obviously not

  3. How are these deleterious materials such as ( ACM category 3) able to be offered for sale to the construction industry in the first place, when they do not comply with the building regulations. I understood there were statutory bodies such as BRE and the Board of Agrement etc. who tested and approved these materials so that they complied and could be specified and purchased with confidence???

    Who actually specified the use of these panels on Grenfell???

    A good GF and Cof W would have checked that what was delivered to site complied with what was specified in the Bof Q and reject it if it was out of spec.

    It realy goes back to the specifiers knowledge of the Building Regs. and if a product complies!!

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