CIOB recognised for commitment to employees 

CIOB has achieved a We Invest in People Gold accreditation from Investors in People, reflecting commitment to its employees and its work to support them at all stages of their careers.

The organisation is proud of its work in embracing hybrid working, significantly improving management support and resources, creating opportunities to be involved in initiatives and acting to drive improvement.

Joanna Quirk, chief operating officer at CIOB, said: “We’re delighted our people see CIOB as a great place to work and are immensely proud to have achieved We Invest in People Gold accreditation for the first time. 

She added: “It’s a wonderful reflection on our brilliant teams and of them living our values and supporting each other. The hard work doesn’t stop here, though, as it’s important we build on this and continuously improve.”

Investors in People provides advice and support on improving workplace culture. 

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  1. Effective teamwork involves deep understanding among team members and mutual support. From developing strong HR management skills to creating the best continuous professional development plan, employers play a crucial role in fostering a positive and effective team dynamic. When team members work together and support one another, they can achieve success in their roles. Employers who offer comprehensive CPD plans empower their employees to grow and excel in their careers.
    Liviu C. Zdroana, student Construction Management

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