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CIOB Assist helps members in need

The CIOB has launched a new member service, CIOB Assist – a revision and broadening of the Benevolent Fund.

Created by members 30 years ago to help members in financial need, the fund has helped thousands of members and their families over the years.

Emma McKay, who is managing the new service, says it is more than a name change and reflects more accurately how the CIOB assists its members.

“We have always faced the challenge of getting people to come forward and ask for help but the look, name, imagery and even our language has changed, to encourage members to come forward and to make the CIOB accessible to all and to show we are not here to judge – we listen and we assist,” she said.

Assistance ranges from financial help to advice with debt, housing or employment issues. Confidential mental health support is available via the CIOB partnership with Anxiety UK.

All members globally, past or present, can access CIOB Assist: over 530 members asked for help in 2020.

To contact CIOB Assist, email [email protected] or call (0)1344 630733.

Story for CM? Get in touch via email: [email protected]

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