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CIOB Academy Zones
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CIOB Academy Zones serve as hubs, offering industry professionals free access to information and resources on core areas of built environment work and the latest tools and techniques used in the construction industry today.

Each zone is populated with free, easily accessible content from leading-edge companies, boasting specialisms in their respective fields.

In each zone you will have access to learning content including articles, webinars and other tools provided by experts. New content is updated frequently.

Explore sustainable construction

The Environmental Sustainability Zone is a recent addition. It brings together insights specifically tailored for the construction industry from experts in sustainability and green technologies.

Our contributors have provided content aimed at empowering you and your organisation to embrace sustainable methods of construction. Discover the profound benefits of adopting these practices for the betterment of both the environment and society.

Let the content inspire you on the journey towards a more sustainable and responsible future in construction.

Case studies with a green approach

In the Environmental Sustainability Zone you can find a range of content from CIOB which discusses the importance of sustainable thinking and a green approach, with some impressive case studies.

Our partner Axter explores innovations in roofing, particularly how roofs can be used to increase biodiverse habitats, generate electricity or create social spaces.

Innovation and digital skills

As digitalisation continues to grow, we need to understand how digital tools and processes can assist with projects and benefit the sector.

In the Innovation Zone CIOB has recognised a need for a focus on digital skills, upskilling and empowering the workforce of today and inspiring the digital experts of tomorrow.

Content from industry experts

We have collaborated with Autodesk, Glodon and PlanRadar to provide a series of resources aimed at providing insights for members.

These organisations will provide their expertise on key digital tools, as well as exploring further avenues for research. Each contributor has its own dedicated section which contains a variety of information in different formats.

Learn how to drive the transformative changes essential to construction.

Get into the zone

Our collection of free content is suitable for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of environmental sustainability and digitalisation and their pivotal roles in construction projects – all conveniently housed on one platform which can be accessed on any device.

Access the CIOB Academy Zones for free at Put the course in your basket for free to register and then access via My Courses as usual.

If you would like further information about becoming a zone contributor please email

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