Chris Blythe: It’s time to end the feeding frenzy

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  1. Chriss i agree. The pendelum has swug between exstrems of boom and bust so quick no industry has been able to satasfactury plan for. If we are to get people to come into this industry and retain some of the people already in it . We need to stabalise the spending in comming years, with some co-hesive spending policys, if we dont history will keep repeating itself . History in this Industry tells the boom bust cycle is not good infact it has negative effects on all industrys. I have been in this industry 32years and i remember 1991 recession it took years to try and get some of the skills back in the industry, some we never got back. Sadly people dont see this industry as a stable career as construction having the highest unemployment levels. Other bodys like the ICE share common goals of trying to stabalise the Industry. I understand the present goverments hands are tied with finance and spending but we must take the opportunity in the future with other bodys to tell goverment loud and clear what is required and how we can work with them. On a final note Mervin King appologised to the public sector unions about the cuts and that the finacial sector and ill fitting regulation got us into this mess in the first place. Isnt it funny how the banking sector gets help and continues to get help while other Industrys are getting hammered!

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