CDM 2015 spells safety first – for designers and their PI insurers

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  1. Methinks the HSE have ensured that design and build contractors are going to increasingly become the normal route for procurement as this will ensure (i) early involvement of a contractor in design and (ii) they come with a ready made PD… the Design Manager, an experienced individual who has already been managing design teams and all the statutory requirements for years.

  2. I have warned about such liabilities for the past year to both rose-tinted CDMC’s and designers alike, as a multi-qualified professional in both sectors (PD/D and currently CDMC). However conflicts of interest, from whatever body/institute is undertaking CPD on the subject, seemingly tones down such real-world risks to those inappropriately qualified for the PD role, to poorly drafted regulations that will surely increase the HSE’s purse on intervention and clients will not wish, especially domestic, to pay for such services to do them properly, as CDMC fees if properly executed should more than double, however economic/client climates seek to half current fees!!!!

  3. May need to check on the section describing “The CDM coordinator role will be abolished, to be replaced by a “Principal Designer” (PD) role (except for projects where, pre-6 April 2015, a CDM coordinator has been appointed and the construction phase has started)” –
    Schedule 4, Section 4 referring to Transitional and saving provision for Projects WITH an existing CDM Co-ordinator contains NO reference/requirement to the construction phase having started.
    Section 3 for “Projects with NO existing CDM-C or PC” however, does include the requirements for the Construction Phase to have started.

  4. As L153, albeit in draft form, includes QSs and Chartered Surveyors as designers I cannot see any reason why a competent CDM C who advises on the location or height of a guard rail or even the colour of an access hatch does not qualify equally. In twenty years [as a CDMC] I have never had a response to a request for information for the file from a QS!

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