Catalogue of failed installations shrinking market for insulation retrofits, report finds

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  1. The market for external insulation should not be calculated solely on the number of homes without cavities. The number of cavity wall insulation failures and growing distrust of this method, especially here in the west country, means that many homeowners and housing providers prefer to leave cavities clear to do the job they were made for; keeping out the rain.

  2. Where to point the finger? The catalogue of dodgy installs, still grows daily with gay abandon. Luckily the dull months are upon us, as apparently, it only looks like that, because the sun is shining on it.

  3. There is a genuine mistrust developing in consumers of the insulation industry. This is largely down to poor and inappropriate installations in both the CWI and EWI. Areas most affected by wind-driven rain should be carefully detailed and delivered by industry including more robust detailing and material selection. This then needs to be matched with appropriate level of support and funding to ensure for sustainable installations and the long term energy savings EWI is deemed to obtain.

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