Cambridge scientists capture carbon to create building materials

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  1. Should the buildings which potentially are too be built using this MgCO3 need to be demolished or face earthquakes for example in the future then would the original CO2 be released into the environment.

  2. Lets hope the construction industry takes this new development on board

  3. This is an exciting leap forward for greener concrete and other material possibilities, plus possible other uses such as fire resistance, together with capturing CO2. In a way, rather a simple answer (?), as quite often the best scientific solutions are, such as with Graphite and Graphene. Surely the investment will transpire and we will hear a lot about this venture. Best of luck!

  4. Please consider using these materials to build housing for the homeless! Solving two problems at once, housing our most vulnerable and needy and capturing excess carbon from the environment. I hope this catches on world wide.

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