Building a new life in construction after coming out

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  1. Having worked for a firm of Architects that made redundant a member of staff after they found out he was transvestite, I would like to highlight that the approach the management took to the person (who ended up with a confidential settlement to head off a court case), ended up being an example of how little they cared for the rest of their employees, and how authoritarian the firm was becoming.

    A further example of this attitude to staff, being how the management instituted without any consultation a policy that all parents must have “emergency childcare” arrangements in place, should they fall ill and not be able to attend school or nursery. It was when 2 women Architects with young children were both reprimanded for not adhering to this policy, that I decided it wasn’t the place for me either, and started to look for another job.

    Accordingly, anyone who isn’t in the LGBT rainbow, should look at a firms policies…it may be revealing more than the firm wants to know.

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