A brutalist rebirth in Preston

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  1. Although the article is very interesting, I was deeply concerned about the brief statement about the use of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection [ICCP]. The quotation from Conlon was mis-leading. Conlon has been given the impression that ICCP would somehow thicken the rebar. This would be effectively synthesising steel out of concrete. ICCP does not do this. The current in the steel and concrete serves to suppress the corrosion reactions. Some people view CP as black-magic, but it is not alchemy.

    ICCP is [in the right circumstances] a very effective tool for engineers to maintain structures, including heritage structures but it does not replace lost steel.

    Readers might also be interested that skills and competence in CP are governed by a specific standard [BSENISO 15257:2017] and are represented on CSCS cards.

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