BAM and Balfour join ‘net zero mentors’ scheme

In the challenge programme, teams work through three ‘sprints’ where they research the problem, create potential solutions and present their findings (Image: Fuel Change)

BAM Nuttall and Balfour Beatty have joined a ‘net zero mentors’ programme that helps young staff in their organisations come up with carbon reduction solutions.

The programme has been developed by Fuel Change, which works with businesses and schools to engage apprentices and new graduates to develop solutions to the climate crisis.

Its challenge programme is a scheme where businesses present teams of young people in their organisations with ‘real world carbon reduction challenges’.

The challenge tasks are worked on over a 16-week period after which findings are presented to a judging panel with a view to progressing ideas to the implementation stage.

‘Net zero mentors’ work with a group for a couple of hours per week to help them refine their ideas.

Mentors apply to Fuel Change and, if suitable, are appointed and given a session of what is required from them.

Fuel Change said that the programme also helps identify and develop young talent, as well as personal and career development.

Ian Steele, client account director with BAM Nuttall and BAM’s Fuel Change challenge coordinator, said that the involvement in the programme reaped benefits for both younger staff and the company.

“It gives our younger members of staff a chance to work outside their comfort zone helping to develop their team working and problem-solving skills while looking at real-time issues facing the sector,” Steele said.

“For the business, it gives us another avenue to explore how we as a company can look at cutting our carbon emissions in real practical ways that can be potentially be implemented quickly.”

Challenges that teams have worked on include reducing carbon outputs from the timber logics industry, using farm waste to generate energy, and how to make the textile industry more sustainable.

However, Fuel Change said that it needs more net zero mentors from the construction industry. Anyone who thinks they have the skills and experience to become a mentor is encouraged to contact Fuel Change’s co-founder, Jennifer Tempany, at [email protected].

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