Arup team trials ‘Body Information Modelling’ to engage engineers

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  1. I find this so exciting and actually realistic – this ties up also with Ove Arup’s notion of the Future City of 2050 – these things will happen and what a great way of demonstrating the integrative concept of BIM,

    Best of luck with the project,

  2. That’s pretty awesome. What about technology though? We should add a small data center for the brain, and AV systems for the eyes, ears and mouth.

  3. Thanks Grant!

    Andrew, you see those yellow boxes in the head? That’s 360sqm of data centre white space! As for the mouth, that functions as the air intake for the HVAC system, the eyes are windows of the security control room…

    We’re getting there!

  4. Your BIM² is a great image and could be the start of bio-engineering on a larger scale. As a critical inquiry does your concept have a fundamental trans-ception that could take the idea of Body Information Modeling far beyond this phase (see URL video for details). What if we could reshape medical practice in our own image?

  5. Hi,
    I’m on Old Arupian ex-Manchester and my daughter is training to be a teacher. One task has been to explain the workings of the body. She’s used cardboard cut-outs and post-it notes. I’ve described how the body is gathering of engineering functions: structures, mechanics, electrics, plumbing (blood and digestion circuits) etc. Your work is a great leap forward and I’ll bring it to her attention.
    Very many thanks and good luck for the future.

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