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  1. Recycle that should be the driving force by sorting at source of demolish ie scrap metal bins then use the monies from the sale of the scrap metal to provide pizza to the workforce, recycle asapht, concrete as road base course, process old brickwork as aggregate for paving slab manufacture. It is a case of streaming demo waste to the individual processing streams
    Perhaps more Steptoe and Sons are needed in the modern sense

  2. My Company, The Age Positive Community ltd., re-cycles people!! I have also formed a connection with RECIPRO Ltd, a company dedicated to re-cycling surplus construction material. Together we can take surplus material, bound for landfill, and provide the resources, human and physical, to put the material to excellent use supporting Social Enterprise programmes and improving the life of those less fortunate than many. We are extending our capability to a nationwide facility. If you can help, contact me at [email protected].

  3. Construction industry should be responsible for playing a lead role in preserving the present and creating a sustainable future. Sustainability becoming the industry culture will aid the long-term impact on the environment with solutions to reduce or eliminate waste, and advance environmental changes to safeguard the built environment. The industry must embrace it because ultimately it is about caring for the planet we all share.

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