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Academy for veterans seeks industry support

CIOB members are being asked to support an initiative from a retired construction company owner.

Malcolm Whitehead is endeavouring to establish the Forces Remap Training Academy to deliver a national veterans training programme that supports vulnerable and homeless veterans from the UK Armed Services. This will be achieved by training and provision of equipment to manufacture the components for a complete timber house. 

He needs one more trustee to enable the initiative to obtain a registered charity number so it can start to raise approximately £3m to build and equip the academy. He is also seeking patrons and ambassadors for the charity once it is set up.

Veterans will be trained to build homes

Whitehead came up with the idea when brain aneurysm surgery forced him to stop work.

“The lasting effects of the brain aneurysm are that I have to rely on crutches to walk, and on bad days I am in a wheelchair. I physically cannot do the things I loved to do, now I find it almost impossible to swing a hammer. I decided that the situation I was left in should not force me to put all of my training to waste, I could still instruct people on how to do things and produce something practical and more importantly required,” he said.

“There are so many homeless veterans that need help and there is a national skill shortage to be resolved; the academy would be in an excellent position to help in a small way of addressing both of those problems.”

If you are interested in the trustee position, or wish to offer support, contact Malcolm Whitehead at f[email protected]

Story for CM? Get in touch via email: [email protected]

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