A renewed company membership for a changing construction industry

CIOB company membership
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CIOB is updating its company membership scheme to keep pace with evolving sector regulations and standards, says Caroline Gumble.

It has been another busy year for CIOB: from the launching of our new corporate plan and the review of our CPD policy to the introduction of a brand new membership grade, these are just a few of the many highlights from 2023. The start of 2024 is no different, with news that our redesigned company membership scheme will roll out this year.

We have offered a company membership scheme for a long time now, with an accreditation process not dissimilar to our process for individuals who gain chartered membership status.

Our scheme provides assurances that a company is run by professionally qualified managers who are committed to best practice, ethical standards and professionalism. It’s also important to acknowledge that clients tend to trust companies adhering to recognised, established standards. CIOB’s company membership has long been seen as an opportunity for commercial organisations in the sector to stand out and confirm their credentials.

Driven by members

As with many of our recent developments, the update to our scheme for companies has been driven by members, and during 2023 we consulted on our current company membership offer.

It became clear that there is still an appetite for CIOB to continue providing a robust framework that supports company members. It was also evident that, as with any of the changes we make, we needed to maintain a focus on aligning with industry standards and reflecting the ever-evolving construction landscape.

We now have a set of revised regulations, created around industry best practices and feedback from members and clients.

The new regulations are more comprehensive and provide more clarity on requirements for transparency, safety and sustainability.

Key elements of the criteria for company membership are:

  • Fifty per cent of the company’s board need to be chartered members of a recognised professional institute, of which one must be a chartered member of CIOB.
  • The company must be able to demonstrate trading for a minimum of two years.

It’s also a really positive development – for CIOB and for potential company members – that we are expanding the designations available. Depending on the focus of a company’s work, a member organisation can choose to be listed as a Chartered Building Company, a Chartered Building Consultancy, a Chartered Construction Management Company or a Chartered Construction Management Consultancy.

Look out for more details on the revised and renewed company membership scheme as we move through 2024.

Caroline Gumble is chief executive of CIOB.

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